Butterflies & Flowers of Aotearoa

Inspired by Aotearoa’s native species of butterflies and flowers in bloom that bring smiles and joy to everyone who beholds their beauty. This beauty only emphasises the need to protect our fragile environment. Christchurch based artist Ira Mitchell creates, teaches and writes on art. She has won numerous awards for both her art and community work, has a Diploma in Visual Communications, BFA Design, Postgrad Diploma in Education, and trained as an artist-educator for GOLDEN paints of New York. In 2022, she was awarded the Denis Diderot [A-i-R] Grant and The Emerging Artist Grant, for a residency at Château d’Orquevaux, France. Her work is informed by the palette of David Hockney, the sharpness of Matisse, and the monumental forms of the landscape of Aotearoa.

Elmer Auction

After the trail finishes the Elmers will be auctioned to raise vital funds for Laura Fergusson Brain Injury Trust. If you have sponsored a uniquely designed and decorated Elmer sculpture this will be your chance to adopt your Elmer. Then it can go to its forever home where it can be enjoyed for many years to come!

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