Come On Chameleon is inspired by Elmer’s fantastically colourful coat, and the rough but coloured elephant skin-like texture of a chameleon. This colourful and quirky creation loves to bring joy and fun to all around, bringing a rainbow of colour to the everyday! Come On Chameleon isn’t afraid of their own skin and likes to stand out from the crowd! Laura Hewetson loves all things visual and performing arts, from painting, special FX makeup, prop making, theatre and film, photography and more – if it’s creative Laura will do it! She has had the privilege of working in creative teams for WOW (Creative Makeup) and Weta Workshop (paint, amour and weapons technician), and currently spends her days supporting and uplifting the creative culture at St Margaret’s College as the schools Arts Facilitator. A highlight of Laura’s creative career was working on two pieces for the Pop Up Penguins Trail, a celebration of NZ native birds (‘Birds of a Feather’) and a Steampunk inspired piece (‘Punk It Penguin’).

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