Glimpses explores the inner workings of Elmer through an architectural lens. Through the technique of cross section cut aways, the viewer will get glimpses into a world of inclusivity, friendship, fun, excitement and exploration. Rooms full of activity, stories and special moments are revealed, encouraging the viewer to get lost in everything happening past the facade. On the outside, the brick texture represents how varied and imperfect human beings are, but when they come together, they can form strong bonds and relationships that help shape them. Ellie Compton is an architect and artist who runs a Christchurch based art studio called Maker of Chaos. She collects peoples life stories and weaves them into chaotic and whimsical worlds of art that encourage imagination and discovery. Ellie’s storytelling and artistic style is expressed through framed artworks, murals, skateboards, fashion and commercial collaborations. Each work uses black ink line drawing to intertwine architecture, playfulness, and storytelling to command the viewers attention and provoke them to stop their busy lives to understand people better.

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