When looking at Elmer, a patchwork elephant, Mel’s mind wandered straight away to a Woolly Mammoth – with a twist! This design takes inspiration from the bright woolly warmth of blankets that have been a part of kiwi culture for generations. How many New Zealand homes hold a well-worn wool blanket, either pastel plaid, bright vintage check or traditional tartan? Wool mills across New Zealand have woven wool blankets into our memories, from family picnics to cold winter nights and Elmer will take them on tour! Mel Eaton is a North Canterbury creative whose eclectic interests have produced a diverse range of work. More often than not her art explores the messages found in media and materiality. Through association (and sometime contradiction) Mel creates works that try to be fun, create a double-take and encourage curious investigation.
Mel’s artistic process involves a lot of day-dreaming, far too in-depth researching and idle tinkering with materials and processes. She often draws inspiration from childhood experiences and craft and seeks to convey curiosity and joy.
Mel participated in the 2020 Pop Up Penguins trail, painting ‘Ice’ – a large diamond inspired penguin – and has painted several murals in her Rangiora community.

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