Neurographic art is a drawing technique to help the brain process memories, thoughts or feelings. Neurographic art starts with the artist scribbling out their frustrations and it then changes to the artist processing the situation by rounding out all the sharp corners – turning them into colourful bubbles! This process helps turns messy thoughts into beautiful results. This elephant shows how transformative and healing art can be for the brain. Although a social work student, Samantha Plunkett makes time to incorporate art into her day-to-day life as a form of self-care. She is involved in Ōtautahi Creative Spaces and loves being a part of a space where she feels a sense of belonging in the community. Samantha likes to explore how colour works and expresses herself by playing with artistic techniques. Neurographic drawing and art have helped Samantha process many challenges that she has faced and she is excited that her elephant can be a representation of this.

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