Our thoughts go out to Pikau and all those affected by the fire, including our friends at Canterbury Adventure Park. Pikau is unable to be reached until further notice.

Pikau (verb) to carry on the back, get on the back of someone else, piggyback, carry, take care of, convey. Pikau, has his/her mana on its back. Proudly displaying it, prompting us to reflect on our own mana, and how we too should feel comfortable to display it. Stand as who you are! Stand proud and show it loud! Troy Gutry hails from an exotic childhood. Growing up under the lush palms of the Fijian Islands and later amongst the flora and fauna of Waiheke Island. Troy is creatively blessed with a mixture of Fijian, Māori and Pakeha heritage, coupled with his technical knowledge of materials and creative media from his career as an architectural designer in Christchurch. Troy expresses and calls upon his background to show through his works his appreciation for the wonderful multi-cultural life of the Pacific.

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