As someone with a brain injury, Tony Cribb finds the idea of a maze challenging, in that there are many dead ends and repetition is often necessary before you find the right path. Patience and persistence are needed. This is a metaphor for life. The Laura Fergusson Brain Injury Trust helps people navigate through their own individual maze. Not only is this Elmer visually interesting, but it is also interactive. Why not run your finger around the maze and try and solve it yourself! Tony Cribb’s work constantly bounces around different ideas, themes, and styles. This variety in his approach, and new challenges to conquer, is what keeps him happy. This includes The Adventures of Tin Man, illustrative, poetic, realistic and/or abstract works. He loves to paint images and characters that invoke a reaction or emotion from the viewer, making the work interactive and bringing it to life.
Cribb lives in Christchurch with his wife, two boys, and a cat. His mantra is to make a difference, by making the world a better place. Painting since 2001, his works are held in private collections both locally and internationally. Upon achieving world domination, he wants to abolish naughty people and sunburn.

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