This mirror mosaic design is inspired by the classic disappearing elephant magic trick, as performed by magicians such as Houdini. Smoke and mirrors were used to create the illusion that a full-size elephant had indeed vanished. In this design, partial mirror mosaic has been used to create the illusion of a vanishing Elmer, while sparkling like a disco ball. The mirror pieces used in this project are recycled. Based in Ōtautahi, Magpie Castle is a stained-glass business run by Jinx. She creates big and small stained glass works, jewellery, art glass kaleidoscopes and mosaics. Jinx is inspired by colour and how light transforms it by passing through or reflecting off glass. Having created a mirror mosaic penguin for the Pop Up Penguins trail, she is inspired to bring her mosaic skill to the table for Elmer.

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