This design is inspired by the old saying ‘memory of an elephant.’ Elephants are known for their remarkable ability to remember things such as places, routes, and individuals for long periods of time. This design takes this idea a step further to hypothesize about their dreams. Like humans and other mammals, elephants go through the different stages of sleep, including the stage during which dreaming occurs. Sheyne Tuffery is a Wellington-based visual artist who uses a range of art forms to express his visions of Pacific urbanization. He received a Bachelor of Visual Arts from AUT in 1995 and a Masters of Fine Arts (honors) in 2000 from The University of Auckland. Tuffery is well-known for his dynamic woodblock prints of South Pacific architecture and the ornithology of Aotearoa. He describes himself as a ‘paper architect’ who uses his art to create and represent his cultural context and sense of belonging. Tuffery’s art evolved from his mixed heritage background of Palangi/Samoan, which he used to develop a surrealist vision of South Pacific patterns, structures, symbols, and paper architecture.

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